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Tips on how to save money on online shopping

Shopping’ is a habit that no one can get rid of, even if you think that you shouldn’t spend too much on shopping, it doesn’t really happen. Every time you go for shopping, you can’t do without spending a lot than you would have actually expected.

You can, however, enjoy shopping with a satisfaction of spending reasonable amount, if you do follow certain simple tips, before buying a particular product for yourself. Next time, follow the below mentioned tips for a smart shopping!

Compare the prices on shopping websites.

Don jump to a decision to buy the product, you see on a website. Rather, go to the other online shopping websites and compare the prices that they are offering. It often, happens that you get fairer price deals in other websites.

Customer reviews are the guidelines to make a better choice in buying a product from a specific online shop. Reach those reviews, if you can and make the most out of your online shopping.

Have patience!

Being patient, is the most difficult and important factor that has to be kept in mind, to have a fair and satisfied deal. Every now and then, websites come up with old promotion expire and fresh deals on different products. If those deals do not fit into your budget then, do not hurry to go for that deal. We would rather suggest you to wait, as websites come up with deals very frequently.

You may think—How will I be intimated about the deals? For the good deals, either you have to check the websites regularly or you will be intimated via e-mails.

Do not fumble around for vouchers, but get them direct into your mailbox!

It is a very common practice of the websites to offer discounts, for online shopping or a delightful dinner. These discount offers of vouchers or coupons are subjected to change, on a frequent basis. To keep yourself alerted about the latest offers, without missing out on any offer, you need to sign up to their website.

There are websites, which have tie-ups with other companies and so, gather vouchers from those companies. These websites keep you updated about the vouchers, with weekly or monthly alerts.

Shipping costs must be taken into consideration.

If you’re browsing for a product and find it online, don’t be overwhelmed and overlook the shipping cost. If you do not concentrate on the shipping cost, then you may end up buying a product far more than it costs (due to the inclusion of high shipping charges).

To make your deal better, look around for fair shipping charges. There are shipping companies, which provide free or half-off shipping charge.

Do not fret over shopping! Enjoy your cozy couch, grab a cup of coffee and do a little bit of research in your laptop or smartphone. You will come across the best deals the internet has in for you.

Authored by Mia Eddy, a craze online shopping lover come blog enthusiast. She works for mail forwarding services which offers economic pricing deals.

Four Thrifty Valentines Dates

Photo Credit: Tiny Dancers

This Valentine’s Day, sidestep the same old flowers and chocolates and make an impression that will linger after the red mylar balloons deflate. Just because you may be a little light in the wallet doesn’t mean that your romantic plans need to carry any less weight - there are a number of truly memorable yet inexpensive experiences that you and your partner can share. Here are a few ideas that will give you and your love a fantastic night out for considerably less money than the traditional Valentine’s trimmings:

1.) Play hide and go seek - the high tech way. Geocaching is an interesting hobby that utilizes hidden caches of small trinkets and handheld GPS gadgets to find them. Where it used to be relegated to players that were flush enough to buy a GPS device, apps on smartphones now accomplish the same goal. Spend time hunting down a few caches in your local town or parks, trading off navigating and sighting duties. For bonus romance points, add a cache of your own to an online database and fill it with a personalized treat for your special someone to find.

2.) Find a scavenger hunt list and print two copies. Enlist a couple you’re both friendly with to act as challengers and hit the streets to see which couple can rack up the most points. Meet at a pre-determined time at a restaurant to compare scores - losers owe the winners an appetizer or dessert. If you’d like to make the list a little more romantic, some Valentines ideas can be added at the bottom. Try requesting a cell phone photo of the smallest heart or the biggest floral arrangement that can be found.

3.) Find a recipe for a main dish you’d both like to try and make a list of the ingredients. Ask your partner to find a recipe for a delicious dessert and have them make a list of those ingredients. Head to the supermarket and shop for ingredients together, returning home to take over the kitchen in tandem and whip up a delicious meal by hand. Write a critique of both dishes together and post it online where you initially found the recipes, completing the experience.

4.) Make some art without using a paintbrush. Head to a local thrift store and buy a white sheet, stopping by an arts and crafts store for large bottles of tempera paint on the way back. Invite your partner over without elaborating on your planned activity, instructing them to wear junk clothes that they don’t mind getting a little messy in. Spread the sheet out on the floor of a garage or in the back yard and meet your partner at the door with a grin and a bottle of paint, leading them back to where you’ve spread out the sheet. Take turns covering each other in paint and rolling around on the makeshift canvas. After the paint has dried, clip out squares of the sheet and put them in matching picture frames as a colorful souvenier.

ThatWordChick is a professional writer and lover of life, her husband, and her various pets - though not necessarily in that order, depending on the day. Living with a perpetually fluctuating freelance paycheck has made her an erstwhile expert on finding romantic dates in $20 or less, and she often jokes that the fastest way to her heart is with a coupon.

A good party is a party you and your guests both can enjoy

Stripy party hats 2

Photo Credit: Mr. Printables

Having a party is fun for you as well as for your guests. But you have to make sure everyone you invite have a good time and everything goes smoothly . This builds up a greater responsibility for the host. There are few vital factors one has to think through when thinking of throwing a party.

Who are the guests to be invited for the party? Is the first step of your party planning. It is quite important the party is for the liking of your invitees. So you have to carefully consider who are invited and carefully arrange the event which eventually will lead to a successful party. Considering the age range will be a good denominator to decide the vibe of the party. It is generally a very good indicator which helps to set the tone of the event.

What time of the year are you going to have the party? This is the other important factor to be considered when you plan the event. An outdoor event during the winter will not be fun for your guests. They would rather enjoy such an event during the summer. So you have to carefully plan the venue according to the season and also what time of the day are you going to have the get together.

What is the theme for the party? Is the next thing you have to think about. This is a very effective way of organising a party. Instead of just throwing a party and inviting your guests, it will be more fun when you arrange the party according to some theme which you and your friends and loved ones would enjoy. Such a theme gives the chance for the invitees to have a lot of fun. Being dressed to match the party theme it self will be a very thrilling experience for the guests. If your guest list is long and if it is a diverse ethnic background you have to be very sensitive to select a party theme which will not hurt the feelings of any nationality or demographic. Remember the very reason you want to arrange the party is because you want your guests to have a good time. When you successfully decide the theme, it will make lots of things easier from then onwards. Selecting the party supplies, the type of drinks and food to be served, dress code and music have to be going along with the party theme.

Does your party plan fit your budget? Is another critical factor you have to think through beforehand. Without a doubt you should not bite more than you can chew. So make sure that you are not planning to throw a lavish party which you cannot afford. After all you are arranging a party to socialise with your loved ones and not to be distressed afterwards.

About the author: Eric Lewis is an experienced blogger in various fields. He loves writing articles about damp . Follow him on Google+.

Everyday Food Storage Tips and Tricks


Photo Credit: Linda & Clark

We’ve all been there, you know that precarious moment when you look at the expiration date on a package of food, knowing well and good that the contents taste perfectly normal, and wondering what to do. With the holiday over its the perfect time to review this material, what with all the left over turkey and pie you may have. As you venture down the road of food safety uncertainty you’ll be confronted with two paths, keep or toss. Let’s explore those options.

  • Sell By Date - You might be looking at a label which has a “sell by” date attached. This is the date which the food can be displayed in the store. Make sure you purchase the product in the store before this date, but you can consume or store the product after that date has passed.
  • Use By Date - This date is determined by the manufacturer of the product. They design the peak quality for the food taste and recommend that it is used before the noted date. For safety sake plan on cooking or freezing after this day has expired.
  • Best By Date - Here is another date that comes from the manufacturers recommendations. It’s meant to determine the items best quality, and can be frozen or consumed after the date has passed. Try to purchase the item in the store before the date.

Post expiration date consumption

The most important date to reflect on when determining a products safety is the “use by” date. Please keep in mind that the “use by” date only refers to quality and not safety. According to the USDA a product should be safe to consume if handled properly and kept at a cool temperature after the “use by” date has passed. The ideal temperature is 40°F or below.

When foods begin to develop problems they should be thrown away. Bacteria can grow on food which can cause foodborne illnesses. Keep in mind that this can happen before or after the dates listed on the packaging. Use common sense when taking these factors into consideration. If there is a foul odor or color change detected do not consume the item. If perishable foods are left exposed to the elements, like mayonnaise in potato salad at a picnic, please refrain from consumption and storage.

Storing foods for extended periods

Proper handling and storage can essentially put a food item in the safety bubble for a long period of time. As long as the food is purchased before the expiration date, proper temperature storage is followed, and perishable foods like meats are frozen then feel free to store away. At USDA.gov an informational chart on storage times for specific items is noted. Like how long raw meat can be stored in the refrigerator. This is a excellent resource you can reference for your everyday storage items and should be followed closely.

Freezable foods

When it comes to freezing your emergency food storage, there are the obvious and not so obvious items. Obviously things like steak or chicken can be easily frozen and used at a later date, but there are lots of things which can be frozen and subsequently thawed for perfectly suitable use.

Raw eggs can be opened, mixed with salt or sugar, and frozen for up to one year.

  • Butter can be frozen for six months and simply left in its original packaging.
  • Milk can be frozen for up to three months, even if it comes out a little bit grainy on the other end of thawing it’s consumable.
  • Bread can be stored for 3 to 5 months in the freezer. Frozen bread will come out perfectly normal when placed in a toaster.
  • Cheese can be frozen for half a year or more.
  • Lemons and limes do very well in the freezer for an extended period of time and come out with fresh juice on demand.
  • Nuts can be stored for years in the freezer, and it’s wise to do so because the high fat content makes them go bad quickly.

Hope this quick guide has been beneficial for your New Year’s spring cleaning regime which is about to get underway for many people. Foodborne illnesses are a very real and dangerous possibility so protect yourself and your family by throwing it out if in doubt.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lee Flynn is a freelance writer and expert in outdoor survival and emergency preparedness.

How To Give Your Home A Makeover On A Budget

Home Staging Atlanta LR 2 Before

Photo Credit: Atlanta Home Staging

Have you recently walked into your home only to realise that it’s looking a bit, well, worse for wear? Have you then considered doing something about it only to realise that you probably don’t have sufficient money to do so? If you can answer in the affirmative to both of these questions, then allow us to prove your suspicions of lacking sufficient money to give your home a good makeover wrong. Here are just some ways in which you can spruce up different parts of your house without having to empty your bank account.

Living room

You don’t have to spend lots of money on attractive curtains; you can easily make them instead! Just sew multiple pairs of ribbons to one end of a twin-size flat sheet, before using the ribbons to tie each panel to the curtain rod. Making curtains in this manner also ensures that you can highly customise their appearances to suit the room and house. You could also inexpensively replace cushion covers or lay a new rug.


Wooden chairs, old and new, can be painted in a variety of attractive colours and designs. Meanwhile, glass windows could be improved through the use of an etching kit - just imagine seeing a pretty design on the window as you look up from your sink! You could also add some new art or stencilling to your kitchen’s walls to prettify them.


You can make things for the bedroom, too - to be precise, a quilt and pillows. To further reduce costs, you could even make them from used fabric from dresses, tablecloths or faded curtains. Meanwhile, if the room has mismatched pieces of furniture, you can unify them by coating them all in paint of the same colour.


You can create some attractive displays by installing inexpensive photo ledges before placing on them vintage mirrors and dishes. Here, too, you can save money by making rather than buying - in this instance, fabric shades. Minimal sewing skills will be required to make shades of appearances that suit the bathroom.


You can inexpensively give your porch the fresh and airy look and feel of a garden by decorating it with live plants and relevant artwork, like paintings of flowers. Laying an outdoor rug, like one made of a natural material like sisal or jute, can also help to enhance the porch’s aesthetic appeal.

A few general tips

If you think that you might not have the necessary skill or expertise to make rather than buy attractive additions to your home, do you know any friends or family members who will? If they can help you out, you could return the favour at some point. Whenever you do buy an item, you should - naturally - shop around for the best deal that you can find. We recommend that you check at least three different suppliers when seeking the best price.

Post by Philip Lomax of Select Furnishings UK one of the UK’s leading online retailers of indoor and outdoor furniture, including rattan garden furniture. To find out more visit www.selectfurnishings.co.uk

Why Apply For a Medical Discount Plan

A medical discount plan may not be as beneficial as health insurance. However, it is proven to help those who have less income to buy medicines or go to a doctor for consultation with a discount. For those are thinking twice about applying for this plan, here are some reasons to convince why you have to go for it.

Expensive Medicines

There are a lot of medicines that are too expensive for those low income earners. If they can’t afford to apply for a health insurance, it is automatic that they can’t afford expensive medicines as well. This is why medical discount plan exist - to help you afford what you can’t.

Expensive Consultation Fees

It is not practical for any person to pay for the doctor’s fee for just a simple or common ailment consultation. However, to avoid any high risk sickness or disease, people tend to go to hospitals for a check-up. This results to additional expenses for them. But with the help of medical discount plan, consultation fees can be discounted as well.

Expensive Hospital Services

Not all hospital services are affordable. There are a lot of services in the hospital that are too expensive for low income earners. With this in mind, medical discount plan is ideal for them, for it may include discounts for hospital services that they can’t afford.

Though health insurance is more beneficial than medical discount plans, applying for it for low income earners is not practical. Although, it may cover almost everything you might need for your health, you can’t be sure that you will be needing all of these health benefits in the future. Medical discount plan is more ideal and practical since it covers only what is important for your health.

Online Stores For Cooking Equipment

Various cooking equipment including casseroles, plank, custard cups, grater and spatulas. Photo taken by ...

Photo Credit: Cornell University Library

In order to make your cooking experience a lot easier, you need to use the right cooking tools and equipments. Right kitchen tools are not just important in making your cooking activity convenient but as well as in achieving desirable results in any of your cooking endeavor. I’ve listed here some of the highly-recommended online stores where you can find the right cookwares and kitchen tools.


Cooking.com is one of best online shopping cooking stores where you can find a huge selection of cookwares in different brands. Here, you can get access to over 60,000 cookware and kitchen products as well as recipes and menus. Cooking.com is the online cooking website you should turn to if you want to get the right products for all your cooking exhibitions.


Foodnetworkstore.com is the Food Network own website dedicated to a variety of kitchen equipments. Like cooking.com, this website also offers culinary products you need in different brands. You can also shop for cookwares from different Food Network chefs such as Rachael Ray, Ina Garten, Emeril Lagasse, and many more.


Cookwares.com is one of the online stores out there which offers a huge selection of cookwares with brands that can not be found in other online stores. Having been in the business for over 30 years, they promise to give you a refined collection of culinary products to help you choose what’s best for your kitchen. This store also offers products at reasonable prices.


If you’re looking for baking supplies and tools, Pastrychef.com is one good site to turn to. This site offers a huge variety of baking supplies and products to help you bake pastries the right way. It also offers high-quality ingredients for all your baking needs from flours to frostings. This store also has a great customer service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re cooking for yourself, your family, or your friends, you need to have the right equipments and ingredients to help achieve your desired results. Visit these sites and see how cooking can be so exciting, rewarding, and fun, all at the same time. 

Understanding Medical Malpractices

People ask the help of a doctor or any health care professional when they’re experiencing health-related problems. In return, doctors make medical prescriptions and advices to make a patient’s condition better. However, there are certain instances that doctors make wrong diagnoses, suggest improper treatment, or prescribe wrong medicine. These incidents, known medical malpractices, are committed due to the doctor’s negligence.

When you’ve become a victim of any medical malpractice, better consult a medical malpractice lawyer to know the legal actions to take in. Hiring the right lawyer and taking the right legal procedures can help you recover from some of the damages caused by medical negligence. Here are some of the medical malpractices that needs legal attention.

Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose is the failure to a detect a medical condition which may be due to inadequate examinations and further medical procedures. When this happens, it may lead to some serious injuries which can be very critical to a patient’s health.

Prescription drug error or medication drug error is a medical malpractice that happens when a doctor failed to prescribe the right medications. It is a result of doctor malpractice or pharmacy errors that could make the patient’s present condition worse.

Anesthesia errors are one of the most dangerous mistakes a doctor may commit because even a slightest error can lead to a permanent injury, brain damage, or death. This can happen if the anesthesiologist fails to study all the patient records and give too much anesthesia or used defective equipment.

Surgery errors are the mistakes that are done during the surgery. If the surgeon is negligent during the operation, affecting other organs, or operated the wrong body part or the assistants have been negligent in administering postoperative care, it can qualified as surgery errors.

It doesn’t mean that if you’re unhappy or not satisfied with the medical treatment, it qualifies as medical malpractice. The doctor or physician who treated you must be negligent in some way or he wasn’t skillful and competent. Be sure to keep your medical records and prescriptions to serve as your documents in filing a medical malpractice case.

How To Get The Best Broadband Deals In Your Area

an ethernet cable

Photo Credit: EcHo2K

Broadband availability varies across the country.  Knowing which broadband service providers operate in your area, understanding their packages, and matching them to your needs are the three essential steps to finding the best broadband deals.

Checking Broadband Availability

Many online tools make it easy and quick to check if broadband services are available in your area.  All you have to do is type in a postal code (zip code) into a box, and click the button.  The tool will list broadband service providers who operate in that region. 

In addition, some will also provide details of the broadband packages on offer, as well as the speed you can expect from the broadband connection.  This allows you to pick the best broadband package that matches your needs. 

This process is almost like choosing a car.  What’s right for you will be unique and individual.  Your ideal broadband service should provide all the features you desire, while meeting your budget constraints.  There is no single broadband package that fits all needs, which is why all providers offer multiple packages tailored to appeal to different groups of users.

Broadband Speed

Before going deeper into the selection process, it is wise to check the speed of broadband connectivity in your area.  Broadband speeds are measured in megabits per second, or Mbps.  While anything faster than 2 Mbps is considered to be broadband, you should look for speeds of around 8 Mbps for an enjoyable experience.  Super fast broadband at speeds of 100 to 120 Mbps are now available in select locations.

The speed that you will experience as a user is affected by several other factors apart from the broadband service provider.  The distance from your building to the nearest telephone exchange, the state of the cables linking them, and the technology your provider uses can affect your broadband speed.  There will also be variations across the day, depending upon how many people simultaneously use the network.

If you are using wireless devices to connect to the Internet, your broadband speed will be slower than with a device plugged into a router.  Software running on your computer can affect the speed of your broadband connection.  If an ISP links up too many households to the same cable, speed can drop drastically across the entire network of users.

Cheap Broadband

Budget conscious users seek out the cheapest deals in broadband services.  While cheap broadband might leave you with a slower connection speed, in most cases this is sufficient to enjoy a good browsing experience.  What may be a bigger constraint is the limit of your monthly download allowance to 10 GB a month or less.  When you exceed this limit, the provider charges you heavily for the extra bandwidth consumed.

If your primary Internet activity involves email, social networking and casual Web browsing, this may be an ideal choice.  But for heavy users who download music and movies, or play online games, this data transfer limit may force an upgrade to a higher price package with higher limits.

Unlimited Broadband

A word of caution about “unlimited” broadband is in order.  For heavy Internet users, especially those who listen to music, watch videos and play online games, a higher data transfer plan can be more cost effective, even if the plans are priced higher. 

But there are no truly “unlimited” broadband plans.  If your usage exceeds a certain limit, the ISP will place some restrictions on your connection.  You may find your broadband speed temporarily throttled at certain times of the day, in the interest of other users who share your connection.

By carefully analyzing and researching these factors, you will be able to find the most suitable broadband plan and package for your needs.

Sam Jones, the author, has been looking into unlimited broadband deals in an effort to improve his home internet connection.

Gift Bags: A Better And Easier Way To Give Presents

There are countless occasions to give gifts – and count countless occasions to wrap them. Although presents wrapped in shiny gift-wrapping paper with all the fancy folds and bow look nice, not all of us are skilled enough to do those things. Thankfully, someone had the foresight to invent gift bags. Not only do these beautiful bags make gift wrapping easier for the giver, but also get a lot of appreciation from the recipient.

However, if you still think that gifts should be wrapped with fancy paper and fancy folds and bows, here are a few reasons that will make you change your mind.


Photo Credit: Nancycz

  • Many of us are challenged when it comes to gift wrapping department. So, as an alternative to beautiful wrapping, gift bags come in many colors and designs. Moreover, they are not limited to paper. You can get gift bags made out of fabrics, and add accents to it as well.
  • As a substitute for the fancy folds that a gift wrapped presents has, you can just stuff your gift bag with Japanese paper to make it look more decorative. It is a hundred times easier than trying to wrestle foil paper into decent folds.
  • Gift wrapping takes time and effort. If you do not have time and can’t be bothered with the effort, just buy a gift bag and put your presents in. Viola! A presentable gift bag in a instant!
  • A gift bag can be easily personalized. Many websites that sell gift bags have numerous customization options. So, if you want your gift bag to have “Happy Birthday Karen, With Love” on it, all you have to do is request for it.
  • A gift is meant to be a surprise. When you wrap a gift, it is easy for some to guess what it is inside. However, with a gift bag, it hides the actual shape and size of the present – a great way to keep gifts snoops for guessing what you got them.
  • A gift bag comes in a variety of sizes – from the very small bags for tiny gifts to huge bags for really big gifts.
  • A gift bag does not require scissors or tape, so there is no mess involved.
  • Gift bags have handles, which makes carrying gifts easier.
  • A gift bag is durable and can be reused, which is great for people trying to save money and the environment.
  • Let’s admit it, gift wrapping paper – especially the fancy ones are very expensive. It will cost you less to use a gift bag instead.
  • Gift bags are widely available in malls, craft stores, and online.
  • To be practical, some of us buy gift wrapping paper in bulk. However, rolls of wrapping paper can be difficult to store-especially for those who do not have much room to store them in. Gift bags, on the other hand, are easier to store, and requires less space, because they lie flat.

So, for people who do not have time and skill to wrap gifts, gift bags are the way to go.

Larry hates wrapping presents himself and uses gift bags instead, they are much faster and save a lot of time.


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